Where is justice… When I was thrown with my small child outside the house in middle of the night to die and I had nowhere to go… Now when I rebel the law is against me… What about harm done to my child and me?”

“God created me to be a beautiful bird … But now I am in this cage…. Someday I want to be free again and be what I am created to be… my parents chose to educate my brothers and not me… If I was educated I would have never been here… Now I will not miss the opportunity to study…looking forward to study”

“What will I do sitting idle here…  How will I be reformed if I know my husband and children are suffering outside and I am locked here for years… If I can work and put my skills to use, I can at least send some money for my husband’s medication and child’s education…”

“I want to make up for what I have done… Please help me …”
“We cannot be reformed within these walls if we are not heard … We will only grow worse… I am getting mentally sick”

The society and the Criminal Justice System as proactive agents of transformation enabling every person to experience mutual respect and dignity; towards healing, restoration and reconciliation

Prisoners often come from a background of conflicts turned violent or abusive. Prisoners and their families have been torn by effects of unresolved conflicts and unhealthy conflict handling. Once in prison, these people are excluded and given-up by our society – the most affected remains the women and children. Prisoners need opportunities and resources to constructively engage in rebuilding their lives, families and communities. We at Peacemakers believe in restoration, rehabilitation, reconstruction and reconciliation. Hence Peacemakersis the home of the Pehel project, which started out as a Tata Trust supported fellowship of TISS. Looking at the immense need in this area and the lack of support for the women, Peacemakers committed to long term work among the women inmates of prisons and their families.


Facilitate psycho-social rehabilitation of inmates
Facilitate equal life opportunities for inmates and their families
Establish mechanisms that would facilitate healing and reconciliation, create spaces to help people to experience restoration
Support and equip the CJS staff to effectively function as agents of transformation in the lives of inmates
Work on crime prevention at the community level
Facilitate networking, advocacy and referral services
Support and empower victims of crime
Prevent recidivism
Promote research on Criminal Justice System and support innovative initiatives.


  • Psycho-social support for inmates (both convicts & under-trials)

  • Legal aid support  & follow-ups with legal fraternity

  • Need based support for children of convicts

  • Life skills & Livelihood training for women convicts

  • Skills training and stress mgt support for prison staff

  • Support families of male convicts, particularly women-headed households

  • Equip and Support families of Prison Staff

  • Research and Advocacy 


”These sessions are enabling us to develop our mind. We had become so stagnant. But now we feel there is a possibility of another chance and we have hope, – we are able to hope for a successful future.”


“I believed I was good for nothing. Having done the beautician course, I now believe I can do something and survive outside prison. I will make a life for myself and my family.”


“These sessions have become a place where we have been able to open up and share parts of our life that we have not even shared with our own flesh and blood. It is such a relief.”